Jessie Britely

Curated Gallery

Enjoy a curated gallery of select recent works.

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Modern-Baroque Collection

Modern baroque: Ornate detail - perhaps to the point of overabundant opulence.

Mrs. Peacock

My largest work yet, this 30x48 goes from neon pink to rich forest green, evoking the plumage of a beautiful peacock. $1,375


At the Arcade

If blowing your allowance on pinballs and sodas is your jam, then this 36x36 colorful neon and stark black painting will fit right in. $1,250 - 12x36 gallery wrapped three-panel abstract modern-baroque acryllic paintings - Pretty Please with Sugar on Top.jpg

Pretty Please with Sugar on Top

These three 12x36 panels create a colorful feast for your eyes! Each panel has decadent details to get lost in and they come together to form a cohesive sugar rush of a piece of eye candy. $1,500


Rains Down in Africa

With beautiful violets complimenting rich greens, this __x__ piece is elegant, enthralling, and enchanting. $500



Pale Blue Dot Collection

On February 14, 1990 our view of our home planet shifted thanks to Carl Sagan. Hopefully it taught us humility about our own human concerns and greater care for the people, creatures, plant life, and surrounding planets that vastly outnumber us.

In times of environmental corrosion I want to share my vision of what Mother Earth still looks like today.


Sea Foam

You can just feel the wave slowly creep over your toes as they wiggle in the sand while gazing at this framed 24x24. $1,200


Walden Pond

These three 12x36 panels come together to create a serene story of contemplating the meaning of life and coming up with little more than “because it’s beautiful”. $1,300

high tides.jpg

High Tides

Four 6x6 panels swirl into each other affecting chaos and harmony, just like the ocean’s tides. $300