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Launch What You Love (with confidence and clarity!)


Uncover your TRUE calling and #LaunchWhatYouLove with confidence and clarity.


Gotta Escape the 9-5 Grind

Oh hi, cube buddy! (that’s what I used to call my fellow cube-mates when I worked corporate, it helped dull the pain a little) Have you been seriously considering quitting on the regular so you can pursue something more meaningful, but dammit it all if the pay isn’t whispering into your ear “You neeeeeed meeeeee”. You don’t have to listen, my friend. There’s a way to pursue your purpose AND pay the bills, trust me, I’ve done it!

Imagine quitting your DRAINING day job with absolute confidence that you could make enough money to pay the bills AND have fun - while launching something you LOVE that would earn you even more money because it’s backed with your PASSION. How would it feel to hand over that resignation letter?? #freedom! Let’s figure out what it is you even really want (like, REALLY want, not just SAY you want) then take a look at how we get ya there!

Grab the  Dream Day Day Dream Workbook ! Find out how below!  (it’s as helpful as much as this photo was photo-shopped!)

Grab the Dream Day Day Dream Workbook! Find out how below!

(it’s as helpful as much as this photo was photo-shopped!)

The Cubicle Land Day Dreamer

I see you sitting there, on your phone with your head ducked down behind the cubicle walls, voraciously consuming every entrepreneurial article you can because DEAR SWEET BABY MOSES there has GOT TO BE SOMETHING MORE THAN THIS SAME-THING-EVERY-DAY, OFF-GREY-WALLED, OFFICE CHATTER-FILLED HELL!!!

Phew, that was intense for a second there. Sorry ‘bout that! I just know exactly how it feels to be stuck in a 9-5 rut because, well, the pay and the benefits and the CERTAINTY are all SO GOOD and that’s EXACTLY where I was just a few short years ago. Now, my journey since then was WAY bumpier than it needed to be, and that’s why I’m here - to help you AVOID those bumps! Click the lil learn more button below to get the insider’s scoop on how NOT to do it the wrong way!


Already Launched but. . . Lost?

Hey there, stuck solopreneur. How are those stacks of courses, ebooks, and IRL paper books looking over in your dusty “some day” corner? Is figuring out your ICA more of an IC PITA? l get it - I’ve been there, overwhelmed and with dwindling confidence in my entrepreneurial efforts. But! It doesn’t have to be that way. . . For reals! Could you use some help overcoming the overwhelm? Or confidence in where to start in launching what you love?

Imagine FINALLY putting all of those top dollar web courses, ebooks, and programs to GOOD use because your are ON FIRE with the confidence and clarity of uncovering your TRUE CALLING. Your ICA? No longer a hazy idea of some made up person! They’re now crystal clear and you know EXACTLY how to talk to them because your passion for your biz is just beamin’ out your eyeballs (in a good way)!

Grab the  Finding Your Purpose through Ikigai Workbook ! Find out how below!  (it’s as helpful as much as this photo was photo-shopped!)

Grab the Finding Your Purpose through Ikigai Workbook! Find out how below!

(it’s as helpful as much as this photo was photo-shopped!)

The Beginning Entrepreneur

You are SO CLOSE to launching your thing! But dammit all if your ICA isn’t the BANE of your existence!

I know, I’ve been there. And guess what? It ain’t your ICA that’s getting in your way! Ohhh no, it’s something else ENTIRELY!

Do ya wanna know what it is? Of course you do! So go ahead, click that lil button right down here. . .


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Interested in learning from and contributing to the greatest group of supportive offbeat entrepreneurs there ever was??

Are you familiar with the Island of Misfit Toys? Well, imagine that but for super rad offbeat entrepreneurs who want to support one another as you #LaunchWhatYouLove!!! Whether your’re just now escaping the 9-5 Grind or you’re a beginner at the entrepreneurial thang, this group of like-minded and like-hearted human beings is THE BEST. The doors open once a quarter, so January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st, and I’d love for YOU to check it out! You can learn all the juicy details when you follow the link below.