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Tyche - 10" Round Painting on 1/8" Wood

Tyche - 10" Round Painting on 1/8" Wood


Tyche is a planet of fortune and prosperity. You may think I chose to represent the Roundy Painting that most looked like an oil slick with the Goddess Tyche because she represents prosperity and well, so does oil in the world today, but no. I chose these two to go together because I see fortune and prosperity in what comes next, what energy resources are AFTER oil. From within us and without.

This beautiful piece was created on a 10 inch piece of bass wood that’s 1/8" inch thick. It’s been sealed with clear acrylic spray paint, giving it a unique texture that reflects differently depending on the lighting.

The colors are a combination of metallic color-shift black, green, orange, yellow, purple, blue, and pink - perfect for your corner altar to the Goddesses, or casual living room decor, whatevs.

This piece is shipped complete with a folding 9 inch plastic plate stand as shown in the photos.

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