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What you’re hearing: You CAN’T. . . That’s not going to work. . . Stability is safer. . .

What you’re saying: I can’t, but I HAVE to. . . What would I even do. . . How can I be sure. . .

If you’re reading this from the tiny screen of your phone while sitting in your cubicle. . . I’m talking to YOU. If you listen to Podcasts about starting your own business and take feverish notes on creative entrepreneurship and pursuing your passion, I’m talking to YOU. If you’ve got 10 notebooks full of 30 different ideas and you’re in love with every single one of them but you’d love to focus on just ONE, I’m talking to YOU. If you’re completely content in your day job but find you feel. . . something’s just missing. . . I’m talking to YOU.

I have been there, in fact, I’m only just now on the other side of it, still a little high off the feeling of FINALLY embracing my calling and making it my life. I’ve been through the feeling of complete disconnect between who I thought I was and how I was actually showing up in the world, the overwhelm of not knowing where to start, and the analysis paralysis when I was faced with so many passions to choose from. I used to be lost in the land of cubicles, working my way up the ranks under management and circumstances that were slowly dimming my light. My creative soul was crippled, my self-esteem was not coming from myself, I found joy in little other than drinking wine, and my mental health was at a low.

But now? Now I have clarity and conviction to be everything that I am, without any apologies or limitations. THIS is what I want for YOU.

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Within you there is a hobby waiting to be added back into your life, or a calling that you meant to meant to contribute to the world and earn an abundant living from. Now, I know it can be intimidating to take on something like exploring your calling but please know that I’m here for you. I truly believe that when we lift each other up we ALL rise. I’ve been there. Nervous, afraid of failure, worried I was wasting my time, scared that the security of a full time job was the best I could hope for, and let’s not forget the soul crushingly mind numbing day job I was showing up to - giving them 40 hours of my week, what equates to 86 full days of my 365 day year. It feels awful.

I want so much more for you and I know that you are destined to have it. First, you gotta do the work though. And I’m here to help every step of the way. Your journey starts today, RIGHT NOW, by simply committing to dedicate a few hours a week to your own personal growth. The emails you receive are going to guide you through exploring your passions and finding your calling, all while adding joy back into your life. Sure, you could just say “Nahhh, I don’t need another email newsletter cluttering up my inbox.” But my promise to you is this; every one of these 52 emails will be packed with actionable items, focused resources that are easily consumed and shared, and they will lead to the confidence and clarity you’ve been hoping for. Why go down the Youtube TED Talk rabbit hole for an entire weekend, or read 30 different self-help books, or nearly crash your car trying to take notes while commuting with your favorite podcast on? I’ve done the research-gathering so you don’t have to. Now it’s just time for you to do the self-work. I believe in you! You got this!

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    Art, mental health, empowerment, and joy

    My three passions, art, humanizing mental health, and empowering others. . . . After repeatedly hearing that I needed to narrow down my focus to just one in order to “succeed” I did was I almost always do. . . I heard the parts of the advice that I wanted to hear and threw the rest out, then started pursuing my goals with near-reckless abandon (I did quit my 9-5 “stable” job with only two-months’ savings, not the smartest idea. . .) because the time had come where I HAD to. I was put on this planet to create beautiful things and to help others - not follow someone else’s directions in order to get a big ol’ company even more money for their top execs.

    I couldn’t make my future just about art or just about coaching or just about advocating for mental health. I’ve disobeyed every “rule” about how online businesses work so this website covers everything. Sure, I might lose some of my art followers because I talk about goals, or I might lose some goal people because I talk about fluid painting - but I’m ok with that. I hope to keep things mostly partitioned so y’all can access what you most want when you need it, and explore the stuff that interests you when you want to! For now though, as a simple rule, my website and social media are roughly split into:

    Jessie Britely - Empowering fellow offbeat creatives to explore their callings while adding joy back to their lives with weekly emails, blog posts, goal-focused worksheets, lotsa helpful thangs! - My own personal mental health hygiene routine that I’m hoping to make profitable. I love making art. I’m running out of space to put it all! I would love to see my work in healthcare facilities across the globe, bringing a little bit of brightness to peoples’ days through wholesale. I would love to create custom one-of-a-kind pieces for individuals and businesses who want to fall in love with their spaces all over again through my commissioned works. And one day, I dream to be like Lisa Frank, with my bright patters all over backpacks and school supplies, like my Art-to-Go Tote Bags!

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