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Most Excellent Year Yet FAQ

(because if you’re anything like me, you question EVERYTHING and you’ve definitely got some questions about this MEYY jazz. . .) (that’s totally fair)

Q: Why on God’s green earth are you dragging it on for an entire YEAR??

A: Fair point. I hear ya. But. . . finding your calling and gaining true confidence and clarity in it is not something that happens over night. Think about it, when’s the last time you pursued some big “a-ha! that’s what I MUST do with my life!” moment? Are you still as passionate about it? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve done that. Felt an inkling of a passion and pursued the crap out of it, until quickly realizing it was not my calling. Or my most recent struggle which has been feeling like I’ve got TOO MANY passions and to choose just one to explore as my calling felt like giving up on those others and losing out on them entirely. This isn’t so. It’s taken me 9 years to learn the lessons I’ve broken out into the 52 MEYY topics. It takes time for meaningful lessons to stick. I don’t want MEYY to be some webinar you watch once and forget. I want you to focus on yourself, really prioritize yourself on your own to-do list every week and pay attention to your personal growth.

Q: Ok, but can I get all this content in like, something more like a week?

A: I’m glad you asked! I realized as I was planning to launch MEYY that a lot of people wanted results NOW. They had already been suffering the feelings of being lost or stuck in analysis paralysis for so long that the thought of having to wait another YEAR was just cruel. I get it.

So I’ve decided to launch an email challenge sometime in April that will go 4 weeks. It’s super condensed and hyper-focused and is meant to supplement the MEYY email series, not replace it. Gaining complete confidence and clarity with your calling is hard work, super rewarding work, but hard. This free four week email challenge is for the people who feel ready to launch into their own income-earning passion project, but just aren’t certain what that is yet, but they know they want to start already. I know what it’s like to be a go-getter but not even know what you’re going and getting. It’s tough. Don’t worry though, I got you.

Q: Yeah, but what makes YOU the expert?

A: Pfff. . . I never said I was an expert! I’ve just BEEN THERE. Recently. As in, just last year (2018). I’m a newly recovered desperate wanderer - I’m now an “aimed wanderer” who’s going after their goals with confidence and clarity. It took me 9 years to get here and it’s my mission to help others get to where I am in something more like 9 months, or 9 weeks. I’ve poured over books and articles. I’ve used every commute, shower, and batch-cooking day wisely and listened to so many podcasts - usually at 1.3 speed. I’ve watched the free webinars, bought the courses, downloaded the freebies, and joined the Facebook groups. I realized that every effort I was pursuing was in vain because I didn’t stop to look inward and explore the important questions FIRST (and thoroughly). Yes, a lot of the people out there with webinars are teaching insanely helpful stuff, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t know with confidence and clarity what your calling is. Wanna know how many callings I’ve had? Well, let’s see. . .

Q: Is this a gimmick? Are you trying to sell me something? Or sell my email address?

A: Oh man, the amount of times my positivity becomes suspect for darker intentions is a little saddening. Is the world really so terrible that there’s no one left out there who genuinely wants to help others? I truly do just want to help people. I am trying to make a living doing this work though so I have paid offerings. . . However, you will never see a sales pitch in your MEYY email series. These emails are about YOU and your growth and your time to TAKE ON THE WORLD.

As to selling your email addresses. . . nah. I’m not that technically inclined or malicious. Though I do scroll through the list every once in a while and have a good chuckle at some of email addresses people actually sign up for. PancakeHooker has to be my favorite so far.

Q: OMG this sounds amazing. . . but I’m more of a SUPER fast-track person. . . ya got anything for that? Like, coaching?

A: I sure do! I’ve got very limited space for 1:1 coaching in early 2019 and. . . I’m very excited to announce. . . !

I’m launching a group coaching program in mid-2019 and will be taking a limited number of members. If you want in on the wait list, shoot me a message through the contact page and let me know! I would love to work with ya if you’re excited about what’s to come for you (because it’s BIG things!!!)!

Q: Ok, but like, can’t I just achieve my entrepreneurial or artistic goals NOW??

A: I’m gonna try to be gentle about this. . . But. . . How’s that working out for ya now?

I’ve been there. I know the hamster wheel that is “I have THE idea! Yes, I will do [insert idea of the year] super hardcore because it is my one life mission and it will not fail and I will dedicate all my time to it because: HUSTLE!”

No. That’s not how it works. And I know because, again, I’ve been there. I’ve only recently hopped off that damn hamster wheel and HOLY CRAP it feels good. I want this for you. It’s not easy and it’s not the obvious route to achieve this clarity, so that’s why I’m hear to share my insight. I would LOVE to have a bunch of entrepreneurs out in the world taking on the big guys SUCCESSFULLY - so I’m here to empower YOU! But. . . we gotta do it the RIGHT way. Which, is the long way.