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Most Excellent Year Yet


Imagine. . . it’s an ordinary Thursday night and you’re going to bed feeling
with the work you’ve done and
that you get to spend your Friday
doing it all again.


What if. . .instead of waking up every day, dreading your morning commute to a job you hate, you could wake up every morning knowing that you’re living your LIFE’S MISSION?

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I see you. . .

  • You’re “working”, not doing the thing you love, the thing you’re CALLED to do, and it hurts your feelings

  • You would LOVE to rise to your calling. . . but you feel overwhelmed, lost, or stuck because you’re not even sure what that calling is

  • OR - maybe you have 5 different callings and you don’t know which one is the most important, which one will do the most good, which one will most fulfill your purpose - so you don’t “commit” to any of them

  • You’ve already got one foot out the door of your day job on your way to explore your calling and you could use an extra push from a supportive group of fellow explorers

  • You’ve started on your journey to exploring your calling and could use some inspiration, organization, empowerment, or focus that’s a little more colorful and offbeat than what the rest of the internet has to offer

  • You simply lost track of the things that made you happy as a kid; creative expression, play, or certain hobbies, and you want to add them back into your life for more joy

You have VALUE

If you read nothing else on this page, please read,understand, and KNOW this. . . you have VALUE. You are on this planet for a REASON. There is something in this world that only you can do and you’ve got to do it. I know, it sounds woowoo on the one hand and like a lotta pressure on the other hand, but to me, this is just the truth.


You’ve got value to contribute to this world, your community, your family, YOURSELF. And. . . let’s face it. . . we could all use some help right about now. If I can be perfectly raw and honest with you, you there stranger, I’m not a spiritual person per se, but I do believe each person has a purpose and this is the one belief that has kept me alive on this planet - not to get heavy. Just sayin. So if lil ol’ me matters, then YOU, of course you, YOU are a BIG DEAL and it’s about time you start treating yourself like it!

I want nothing less than for you to have your MOST EXCELLENT YEAR YET from the moment you first read this sentence and sign up for the upcoming Most Excellent Year Yet email series.


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    I’m here to say. . .
    don’t listen to the naysayers

    That business idea that you think is silly? It’s BRILLIANT!!!

    That hobby or really focused topic of research that just lights you up? It’s pure GENIUS that NEEDS to be shared with the WORLD!

    The fact that you love drawing unicorns but feel a little embarrassed to admit it? No way! Unicorns are the coolest and unicorn drawings could be a legitimate business idea or really therapeutic hobby! (Also, could you draw me a unicorn? I’ll totally pay you. No, seriously.)

    This world is full of people who say you can’t (including our own insecure inner child from time to time - more on that in the emails!) and that’s why I’m so passionate about saying YOU CAN. It won’t be easy but it’ll be SO WORTH IT.

    Hi, I’m Jessie!

    My name’s Jessie and I am so very passionate about helping my fellow offbeat creatives explore their callings and add joy back into their lives. Whether it’s rediscovering their childhood hobbies just for fun or crafting a lucrative career out of their creative callings, my greatest joy in life is empowering others’ “A-ha” moments of clarity and purpose.

    Those “A-ha” moments are just the beginning though! Then comes making that IDEA into a REALITY! That’s when I shift from empowerment mode to ACTION mode. I have a nerdy love of self-improvement methods, productivity tips, psychology theories (that’s how I stumbled into my undergrad degree), all things creative, and organization. I believe these can be important contributors in crafting a life you love, especially when you remember that JOY is a big part of being on this planet and doing this thing called life (I know, it ain’t always easy).

    I want YOU to have your

    In the search for my own creative calling/higher purpose/raison d'être I’ve accumulated SO MANY resources over the last 9 years of my life; through the internet, podcasts, actual paper books, TED Talks (so good!), and life lessons I personally stumbled through (several of them multiple times. . . apparently I like learning the hard way). I started sorting these into categories then very specific topics in a Google doc in late 2018 with the plan to create a year’s worth of weekly emails that would hopefully touch on the principals of what I’ve learned in those 9 years, but in something more like 9 months (12, technically).

    What’s resulted from my extensive academic (and field) research is a year’s worth of stretching outside of your comfort zone, exploring your calling, getting back to your roots, organizing your priorities, making a positive mental health hygiene routine, setting and achieving goals, and remembering to enjoy life consolidated into 52 weekly emails that are completely FREE! Because I think that “new years” shouldn’t be limited to January 1st, you can sign up for this email series at any time. My inaugural launch is February 2019. . . so if you’re reading this before then, hold on to your hats, it’s coming soon!

    What could “just an email” do for you?

    I know your email inbox is a sacred space and, if you’re like me, is likely already overflowing with “helpful tips and tricks” from well-meaning people just like me. But. . . these emails are TOTALLY DIFFERENT! No, really! Stay with me here a minute!

    Most Excellent Year Yet is meant to be easily consumable and shareable in order to do the most good with the least amount of distraction. You’ll be putting in some solid effort on your own - but by the end of these 52 weeks together, heck, even after just 8 weeks, I’m sure you’ll FEEL the results if you genuinely follow along. The MEYY emails are designed to save people like you the 8 additional years it took me to learn all of these lessons, and provide them to y’all in 1 year. I know a year is a commitment but ya know what? It’s FREE! And you can unsubscribe at any time! And if there’s ever a topic you think of that I don’t seem to be covering, reply to my email and I’ll personally read it.

    So what are you waiting for?
    Make this your


    and sign up for the upcoming email series!

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      Most Excellent Year Yet (4).png


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