Jessie Britely



Jessie Britely is a Tampa Bay artist with over 10 years of experience painting beautifully offbeat creations enjoyed by everyone from individual casual collectors to local breweries to large-scale corporate buyers. Her paintings are bright, modern-baroque abstract art inspired at the same time by everything gaudy from sequins to neons to gilded gold and everything graceful from sea foam to sunsets to midnight skies. She uses the term “modern-baroque” to describe her work because each painting, regardless of which style she uses, gives the viewer a million little distractions to get caught up with in every square inch.

*cue record screeching to a dead stop*

Ok, ok, enough with the third person. Can I be open and honest with you here? Art is an integral piece of my mental health hygiene routine. I have bipolar II disorder which I’ve likely had since my early teens but I never cared to treat until my late twenties. And even then, it wasn’t until my early thirties that I FINALLY got all the pieces in place to truly treat my whole self, not just my bipolar but my growth as a person with creative passions and a difficult past.

It’s now my life mission to #humanizementalhealth, put some pretty things out in the universe through my art, and empower fellow offbeat creatives to explore their callings and bring joy back into their lives. Sounds pretty easy, yeah?

I’m using my personal experiences with mental health, my degree in psychology (double minors in women’s studies and sociology!), my love of helping others, my fascination with entrepreneurship, my determination to damn the man and save the empire, my Behavioral Consultant Certification (DISC assessment and implementation), and my rainbows and sunshine attitude to bring my own special mix of knowledge and advice to the internet in the name of empowering YOU.

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