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What's Blocking You from BIG Success?

But then I remember that I’ve got a gift that I am OBLIGATED to share with the world. I am uniquely qualified to see the amazing potential in others, shine a light on it so that they can see it too, then help them to bring that light out into the world to increase their good 10-fold. I think it’s up to us offbeat creatives – writers, artists, coaches, teachers, creators in ALL fields, to shift the energy of this world from dark to light. Here in America it’s been a scary few years and I’ve got a job to do in helping to fix that. It ain’t running for congress or president, instead it’s empowering my fellow offbeat creatives to uncover their true callings and launch what they love so that we can take on the world, one uplifted voice at a time.

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How to Strike⚡️ Your GENIUS🧠 Gold Mine💰! (It's not what you think💡!)

My whole point in writing this is to tell you that your big ideas, ah-ha moments, critical decisions, and needle-moving content inspiration is not just going to come to you all willy-nilly. I promised myself that for the entire month of April I would release 4 videos every week on YouTube, one newsletter each week, and one blog post each week. I did like, 94% of all of that - which is an A in my book. I did B- to B+ work and ya know what, no one sent me a hate message for shoddy work, no one commented that something sucked, my email list stayed pretty much the same, and I have gained so much confidence and clarity in my message and my voice.

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